Friday, March 4, 2016

Monterey officials celebrate Frank E. Sollecitio ballpark with March ribbon cutting

After the Monterey City Council voted unanimously last November to approve the Frank E. Sollecito Jr. Ballpark artificial turf field despite concerns over possible health problems from the rubber crumbs and goose droppings, officials from the city will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony honoring the new outfield at 1 p.m. on Satuday, March 12th.
Monterey County's health officer Dr. Edward Moreno had put the council at ease before Christmas when he told them that based on the available studies, there's no evidence of public health impacts from the use of tire crumbs in artificial turf. 
“This ballpark is a centerpiece of Monterey's baseball heritage,” said Assistant City Manager Hans Uslar. “It's important for our baseball leagues and especially Monterey High School because they play their games there. We've had a lot of good ballplayers come from there.”

Construction on the field, which besides being used by the high school baseball team, is also used by the city recreation program, was done by NorCal Contractor for $713,700. Funds came from the city's Neighborhood Improvement Program, the Capital Improvement Program and contributions from the community.  

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