Friday, March 18, 2016

Monterey city employees set for labor negotiations; Next Gen Jazz Fest slated for April 8-10

During Wednesday’s Monterey city council meeting, some 20 city employees stood in solidarity during the public comment period as Leslie Pressman, acting as a representative for the General employees, requested appropriate raises. The City is set to negotiate labor agreements because current contracts expire on June 30.
“It’s a rare day when visitors don’t comment what a wonderful city Monterey is,” said Pressman. “As you discuss our contract requirements, please do everything you can to help the hard-working employees of GEM (General Employees of Monterey).
On a lighter note, Monterey Jazz Festival’s Colleen Bailey announced the upcoming event Next Generation Jazz Festival, which will take place from April 8-10. The event will bring 1,400 young people from across the country to compete for the chance to play at the Monterey Jazz Festival in September. She also announced that the jazz festival will host Quincy Jones as its 2016 jazz legend. 

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