Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Marina interchange project plan back from Cal Trans' final review

The plan for the Highway1/Imjin Parkway interchange came back from Cal Trans' final review with comments and the City of Marina is in the process of negotiating its response.

The on- and off-ramps that usher traffic from Highway 1 to Imjin Parkway in Marina will be getting design improvements in the next few months though no start date has yet been set, a city engineer said work on the project may commence sometime this summer.

Since Caltrans owns the freeway right of way, all proposed Imjin Parkway interchange modifications with Highway 1 require its approval.

The existing intersection was constructed in the mid-60s and has not been modified since with the exception of the northbound ramp which was part of the Fort Ord Reuse Authority “Imjin Parkway Reconstruction Project.”

The project includes two traffic signals at the northbound and southbound ramp intersections with Imjin Parkway. It also includes the removal of existing northbound and eastbound free-right turn lanes, the widening of the Imjin Parkway northbound off-ramp terminal and all associated signing and striping at the Highway 1/Imjin Parkway interchange.

The city is also in talks with PG&E to coordinate any safety improvement projects or work to be done on a gas line that runs through that area at the same time the ramp work is to be done.

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