Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Family-oriented atmosphere" working at In-N-Out, says Seaside manager

Photo by James Herrera - Monterey Herald
Ashley Guzman, manager of the In-N-Out Burger in Seaside stands with Yessica Martinez, one of the associates brought in for training and support of new hires for the new restaurant. Guzman was a babysitter for Martinez years ago before going to work for Martinez's father who managed an In-N-Out in Pittsburg.

Seaside >> In-N-Out Burger store number 312 is managed by Ashley Guzman, 31, who has been with the company for about 14 years. She said she started at the ground level and worked her way up through the ranks, learning about management and support through the company's programs.

Guzman said she got her first job with In-N-Out when she was a babysitter for the Pittsburg store manager in northern California. She said he encouraged her to apply with his company and when she started work in 2003, her starting wage was $8.25 an hour.

“That was more than the $6.75 I was making at my other job at the time,” Guzman said. “I started work with the company and fell in love with it.”

And that is not all Guzman fell in love with as she met her future husband when they both worked for In-N-Out. She said her husband’s family is from Soledad, but besides visiting The Monterey Bay Aquarium as a kid, she really did not know Seaside.

The Guzman’s have been married eight years, have two children and plan to move to the area soon. She said they first looked in Gilroy for a home but have since started looking on the Peninsula and hope to find something close to work.

"I love this area," she said.

The company helps find housing through research, assists in making the move and gives transplants time to get settled at home and in their new role, said Guzman.

“Associates, as well as myself, are very well taken care of,” said Guzman. “It’s a family-oriented atmosphere in every aspect.”

And, as if on cue, the girl Guzman once babysat all those years ago, came up to say hello and wish her well on opening day – an employee of In-N-Out herself.

Yessica Martinez, 21, proudly stood alongside her mentor for a quick photograph, the next generation of the empire ready to keep the In-N-Out family going.

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