Friday, June 17, 2016

Carmel Film Festival moves Filmmakers Beach Dinner to Pacific Grove

At Pacific Grove's city council meeting Wednesday, the council approved Carmel Film Festival’s request to hold their Filmmakers Beach Dinner at Lovers Point Park this year. Organizers of the event requested that fire pits be placed on the beach and that alcohol would be allowed for the event. Pacific Grove’s municipal code prohibits both. 
“We approved it to go ahead but we need to review some aspects of events like that,” said Kampe. “We’ll need to look at city ordinances.”
The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce also hopes to shift additional festival events in the future.
Festival organizers say they will pay for all needed city services in addition to rental fees for city parking lots and park areas and will utilize the city’s businesses for managing, catering and equipment rentals. 
While Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe noted he didn't want to speculate, he said the change in venue was most likely due to space issues.
"I think they are just finding that the events have become very large for Carmel,” said Kampe.  
The event, which draws some 300 people, will held on Oct. 22.

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