Thursday, July 28, 2016

Marina Coast Water District completes five-year water management plan

Stressing the need to develop recycled water supplies for outdoor irrigation for current and future Ord Community redevelopment and reduce demand for groundwater, the Marina Coast Water District has completed its five-year Urban Water Management Plan.
Required by state law, the plan includes analyses of projected water demand and supplies, conservation, demand management, shortage contingency plans, and the like through 2020.
Marina Coast general manager Keith Van Der Maaten said the plan is a key aspect of the district's capacity for supply clean water at relatively low rates.
The plan also accounts for projected growth in the district's service area in the future, and suggests there is adequate water availability for planned redevelopment in the Ord Community over the next five years.
Last month, the district agreed to share costs with the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency on a 10-mile recycled water delivery pipeline to district territory.
"We're excited to work with the MRWPCA and other agencies to stretch supplies and provide for environmental stewardship of our water supplies," Van Der Maaten said. "Reuse is a key to that end."

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