Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pacific Grove holds the line on housing and butterfly habitats

There were some different housing issues addressed in Pacific Grove this week. One involved a housing unit and the other involved housing some butterflies.
The council on Wednesday denied the appeal by resident Jacqueline Trees upholding the planning commission’s decision to not continue to allow a 4th housing unit at 210 17 Mile Drive to exist.
City Manager Ben Harvey said that city staff will work with the existing tenants of the unit to help them relocate.
Trees was represented by attorney Anthony Davi in the appeal. 
Also Wednesday, the city’s butterfly habitat bonds were addressed with the bond payment of .0035 percent on assessed value of property in Pacific Grove approved.
“Each year, we have to adopt a resolution that says the tax rate,” said Harvey. “This is the second year of essentially paying off the mortgage on the butterfly habitat. After this year, we’ll have one more year to go.”

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